Study of Forest Dr & Bay Ridge Rd Sector Study

The City of Annapolis’ 2009 Comprehensive Plan called for “Sector Studies” of four Opportunity Areas.  City Planning and Zoning has completed the Upper West Street Sector Study in 2016.  The City has completed many other plans and studies which you may view by clicking here.

City P&Z began the Forest Drive and Bay Ridge Road Sector Study in 2016 and expects to complete it in 2018.    The initial effort to gather some basic facts offers this report at “Land Use/Transportation Evaluation for the Forest Dr. Corridor”.  More analysis will be done and citizen input will be sought in the Fall 2017.

The “Land Use/Transportation Evaluation” was done by the University of Maryland National Center for Smart Growth’s Partnership for Action Learning and Sustainability (PALS) research group.  They have done other studies of issues within Anne Arundel County and Annapolis and will do more studies.

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