Development projects

There are over 20 developments pending for construction on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula, totaling 1,157 new housing units, which  you can see shown in the picture above (view the interactive image). This picture is not intended to imply that all development is bad.  It simply illustrates the collective impact development can have on our community and our quality of life.  We are especially attentive to development that strains the environment and/or the capacity of our roads and schools. ANPF is closely following these proposed developments:

Development project list

For the Forest Drive corridor, ordered from the west to east. As of 1/29/18 


RESIDENTIAL = 1,157 units planned, estimated,

excluding Parole Place and Watergate Apts.

Annapolis Towns at Neal Farms/Hayes (50 TH, Dorsey Lane off Solomon Is. Rd.)

Parole Place, 103 Solomons Island Rd., #TH and retail unknown.

Rocky Gorge (48 units, off Aris T. Allen)

Village Greens Phase III (89 TH)

Woodside Gardens Newtowne 20 (36 units in 2 apartment buildings)

Providence Point aka Crystal Spring’s (315 apts, 48 beds, 28 cottages, 40 Maison Court )

Primrose Hill (26 units on 4.35 acres, Milkshake Lane off Hilltop)

Enclave at Spa (36 TH on 3.8 acres on Spa Rd.)

Central Park, aka Pastrana property (45 units on 5 acres at 9 Elliot Road, adjacent to Truxton Park)

Griscom Sq. (12 units, Tyler at Bay Ridge Ave.)

Parkside Preserve (130 units on 40 acres)

Thomas Woods (10 TH on 1.44 acres, near RQW Apts.)

Lofts at Eastport Landing, aka Eastport shopping area (60 to 100 apts. on 7 acres; currently 73,430 sq. ft. single story retail)

Bay Village Assisted Living (88 units on 6.3 acres, Lot #4 behind CVS)

Chesapeake Grove at Bembe Beach, aka Rodgers Property, (42 townhouses on 5 acres on Bembe Beach Rd.)

South Annapolis Yacht Center, aka Sarles/Petrini (11 units)

Griscom Square, (12 units on 3 acres, Tyler Ave and Bay Ridge Ave)

Eastport Sail Loft, aka Hopkins warehouse at Fourth St. (11 residences and 4 retail)


Watergate Apartments – up to 600 new units have been mentioned. Currently 608 apartments. Excluded in total above.


COMMERCIAL/RETAIL = 86,859 sq ft. estimate,

excluding unknown commercial/retail space at Crystal Spring, Eastport Shopping Ctr., Lofts at Eastport Landing , Sail Loft, Annapolis Yacht Club Downtown, AYC Eastport and Key School.

Lincoln Drive warehouse (13,200 sf, retail, office, warehouse)

Providence Point aka Crystal Spring’s (unknown commercial/retail plans )

1415 Forest Dr (2,986 sf second-floor addition to 4,057 sf bldg., commercial)

1503 Forest Dr. (18,900 sf office space plus 2,780 sq. ft. retail)

1750 Forest Dr. Manekin project building redesign.

Lofts at Eastport Landing, aka Eastport shopping area (60 to 100 apts. plus additional retail space on currently 73,430 sq. ft. single story retail)

Eastport Sail Loft, aka Hopkins warehouse (4 retail with unknown sf; plus 11 residences noted above)

Starbucks Coffee Shop at Bay Village, 1,993 sf

Bay Village Lot #3 restaurant/office building (12,000 sq. ft.)

Lidl grocery, Annapolis Neck LLC, aka Samaras property (35,000 sq. ft. shopping store)

Key School Athletic Facilities in Annapolis Roads community


The University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth Research & Education has a program called the Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS).  Click here to read about PALS’ academic studies in Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis.

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