City of Annapolis

The City of Annapolis’ process for development’s review and approval is presently evolving.  The following is a brief description of the process.  If you are following an application for development, contact P&Z and ask what are the future reviews, meetings, work sessions, hearings and approvals.

A development application is reviewed by Annapolis P&Z who will organize public meetings for discussion of the application.  Then, the application is reviewed by the Planning Commission during a public hearing where public testimony is welcome after the City staff and the applicant have presented their views.  The Planning Commission either approves or denies the application.  The Planning Commission’s decision may be appealed to either the Building Board of Appeals or Circuit Court, depending on the issue.

To view information on the following subject matter, click on the item below:

Annapolis’ currently proposed developments and click on the current month’s update under “What’s New in Current Planning” at the bottom of the page.

Planning studies published in the last ten years

Annapolis 2009 Comprehensive Plan

Eastport Traffic Study

Upper West Street Sector Study.  On that page, to read the full study, click on “public review draft of the Upper West Street Sector Study”.

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