Parkside Preserve (aka Reserve at Quiet Waters)

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Annapolis environmental and community leaders signed and submitted a request to the Mayor to revoke the approval for this project. Find out more.

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The Parkside Preserve (aka Reserve at Quiet Waters) is a 152-unit, 40-acre project that proposes to needlessly clear 12-acres of protected priority forest and impact approximately 10-acres of “relatively pristine” (per the Maryland Department of the Environment) forested wetlands that function as the headwaters for Quiet Waters Park, Hunt Meadows, and Harness Creek.


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What we want

We are not advocating to stop this project. What we want is smart growth that preserves the priority retention forests, which would only result in the loss of 30 units. The developer would still be able to build 120 units on the previously developed open fields.

We want the public to be given an opportunity to have a say on potential impacts of not protecting the 12-acres of priority forest located in the southwest corner of the property – impacts that we believe will endanger our communities, Quiet Waters Park, and Harness Creek.

We want the Mayor to revoke the Forest Conservation Plan because its approval was received through misrepresentation by the developer’s environmental consultant.

What we want is for the Mayor to stand up for the taxpayers, our communities, our Comprehensive Plan[i], and our Park, as he has repeatedly promised to individuals in the environmental community.

[i] The comprehensive plan states the following: Chapter 7 – “The City embraces five main policies…Protect  and restore environmentally sensitive areas and other natural resources within the City,” “…increase tree canopy cover to 50% by 2036”, Chapter 3 – “The redevelopment of lands…will advance and promote ecologically sound approaches to urban development, and result in improved environmental conditions.”

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